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Science | History | Meditation | Engineering Entrance Examinations | GATE | IIT-JEE | C | Management | Human Resources Management | Religious Studies | Sanskrit | Sociology | Middle Grades Social Studies (7-8) | High School Social Studies (9-12) | Civics | Vocabulary | Spoken English | Grammar | CV Writing | State 6th to 10th | Environmental Science | Chemistry | Biology | Statistics | State 6th to 10th | State 1st to 5th | Pre-Algebra | Discrete Math | CBSE 1st to 5th | Applied Math | Advanced Math | Mathematics | Cricket Course | IES | Civil Services | GRE | GMAT | CAT | Microsoft Excel | Instrumentation Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Hindi | English | Psychology | Indian History | Geography | Elementary Social Studies (4-6) | Economics | Sentence Correction | Reading Comprehension | Physics | Middle Grades Science | Trigonometry | Probability | Pre-Calculus | Middle Grades Math | ICSE 6th to 12th | ICSE 1st to 5th | Geometry | Elementary Math | CBSE 6th to 12th | Calculus | Basic Mathematics | Algebra II | Algebra I |

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I completed my B.tech from IIT .My teaching experience began while in undergrad I have 5 years experience of teaching. I have worked as a private tutor at both the high school and undergraduate levels.I am happy to help students with class homework, test preparation and conceptual explanations.I have been serving as a teaching assistant for many years in many core and non core disciplinary courses.I am good in both tech as well as non tech. In technical I am teaching maths,physics,electrical,material science and C lang. In non technical I am teaching english,economics,history,geopraphy and polity.I believe that teaching and tutoring are much more than just delivering knowledge in a conveninent format to students. It should also serve to encourage and inspire students to explore problems in depth, and to reach beyond the boundaries of the curriculum.I always try my best to ensure that the subject being taught is well understood by the student through my patient and adaptive teaching and tutoring style.




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