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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an all India common engineering entrance examination which is conducted for admission in various engineering colleges and courses all over the country.

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Course Syllabus
  • Introduction: Simple Harmonic Motion 01/33
  • Equations for Simple Harmonic Motion 03/33
  • Acceleration, Displacement equation for Simple Harmonic Motion 05/33
  • Phase (contd. )Simple Harmonic Motion 07/33
  • Work Energy concept with Simple Harmonic Motion 09/33
  • Work energy Theorem: Simple Harmonic Motion 11/33
  • Series and Parallel Springs: Simple Harmonic Motion 13/33
  • Rotational SHM: Simple Harmonic Motion 15/33
  • Physical Pendulum: Simple Harmonic Motion 17/33
  • Simple Harmonic Motion by a particle in Circular Motion : 19/33
  • Infinite long Simple Pendulum: Simple Harmonic Motion 21/33
  • IIT JEE Problems on SHM 25/33
  • IIT JEE Problems on SHM 27/33
  • IIT JEE Problems on SHM 29/33
  • IIT JEE Problems on SHM 31/33
  • IIT JEE Problems on SHM 33/33

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