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The questions range from purely numeric calculations to problems of arithmetic reasoning, graph and table reading, percentage analysis, categorization and quantitative analysis The quantitative aptitude test measures the numerical ability and accuracy in mathematical calculations.

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Course Syllabus
  • Races in Time, Speed & Distance (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Set Theory (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Concepts & Techniques of Circles, Tangents, Chords for Exams Like CAT, CMAT, GRE, GMAT
  • Alligations and Mixtures-1 (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Basics of Time, Speed & Distance (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Basics of Triangles (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Similarity & Congruency in Triangles (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Concepts of Proportionality , Angle Bisectors & Apollonius Theorem in Triangles (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Simple & Compound Interest (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Division Algorithm & Successive Division in Number Systems (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Surds & Indices in Number Systems (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Basics of Time & Work (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Pipes & Cisterns in Time & Work (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Boats and Streams in Time, Speed & Distance (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Mixture of Pie Charts, Bar Graph & Tables of Data Interpretation (CAT/CMAT/GMAT)
  • Divisibility Rule in Numbers (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Base System and Conversion in Numbers (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Division Algorithm in Number Systems (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Factorisation and Factors of Numbers (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Concepts of LCM & HCF (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Finding Number of Zeros Problems (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Numbers and its Classifications (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Basics of Percentages (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Distribution & Derangement in Permutation & Combination (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Shortcuts for Permutation & Combinations to Solve Complex Problems (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Counting & Selection Problems in Permutation & Combinations (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Different Usages of Permutation & Combination (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Pie Charts in Data Interpretation (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Polygons & its Properties in Geometry (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Application & Shortcuts of Probability (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Probability (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Shortcuts in Percentages (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Permutation & Combinations (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Profit & Loss and its Important Terms (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Arithmetic, Harmonic & Geometric Progressions (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Application of Progressions (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Quadratic Equations (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Ratio & Proportion Concepts (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Tricks of Ratio & Proportions (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Tricks & Shortcuts of Profit & Loss (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Averages and Partnerships (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Understanding Caselets in Data Interpretation (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Cyclicity in Numbers (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Heights & Distances and Trigonometry (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Concepts of Linear Equations (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Basic Concept & Properties of Lines & Angles in Geometry (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Line Graph in Data Interpretation (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Alligations and Mixtures-2 (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Advanced Applications of Geometry (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)
  • Mensuration: Area & Volume of Geometric Shapes (CAT/CMAT/GRE/GMAT)

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