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Expressions and specialties portrays a wide mixture of exercises including making things with one's own particular hands. Expressions and specialties is generally a side interest. A few artworks (workmanship abilities) have been polished for a considerable length of time, others are later creations.

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Course Syllabus
  • Mini Fashion DIY - How to make a colorful polymer clay lollipop ring - EP
  • How to make silicone molds for polymer clay miniatures - EP
  • How to make doll popsicles or charms with polymer clay - EP
  • How to make polymer clay mushroom - EP
  • How to make polymer clay hamburgers / cheeseburgers - EP
  • How to make a polymer clay hot dog - EP
  • Craft: Make a Clay Olaf Doll - EP 730
  • VBlog: My polymer clay
  • VBlog2 - Most Basic Materials for Polymer Clay Work
  • Craft: Make a Clay Doll Thermos - EP 745

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