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Initially based upon social variable based math and tuple social analytics, SQL comprises of an information definition dialect, information control dialect, and an information control dialect. The extent of SQL incorporates information supplement, question, upgrade and erase, composition creation and adjustment, and information access control. In spite of the fact that SQL is regularly depicted as, and, as it were, seems to be, an explanatory dialect (4GL), it likewise incorporates procedural components.

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Course Syllabus
  • How to install SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express on Windows 7
  • How to install SQL Server 2012 (various editions explained)
  • SQL: stored procedures
  • SQL: custom scalar functions
  • SQL: Views
  • SQL: Understanding the JOIN clause in the SELECT statement
  • SQL: Learning the basics of the SELECT statement
  • SQL: Using Information Schema to query table metadata
  • SQL: Data Manipulation Language INSERT / UPDATE / SELECT / DELETE
  • SQL Basics: Table creation and inserting data
  • SQL: Group By, Having, Min, Max Sum
  • The

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