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Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point. The oscillations may be periodic such as the motion of a pendulum or random such as the movement of a tire on a gravel road. Vibration is occasionally "desirable". For example, the motion of a tuning fork, the reed in a woodwind instrument or harmonica, or mobile phones or the cone of a loudspeaker is desirable vibration, necessary for the correct functioning of the various devices.

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Course Syllabus
  • Mod-01 Lec-01 Basics of Vibrations for Simple Mechanical Systems
  • Mod-01 Lec-02 Introduction to Damping in Free and Force Vibrations
  • Mod-01 Lec-03 Free and Forced Vibrations of Two Degree of Systems
  • Mod-01 Lec-04 Multi Degree of Freedom Systems
  • Mod-02 Lec-01 Reduction at source-1
  • Mod-02 Lec-02 Reduction at source-2
  • Mod-02 Lec-03 Reduction at source-3
  • Mod-02 Lec-04 Feedback Control System-1
  • Mod-02 Lec-05 Shunt Damping
  • Mod-03 Lec-01 Vibration Isolation-1
  • Mod-03 Lec-02 Vibration Isolation-2
  • Mod-03 Lec-03 Vibration Isolation-3
  • Mod-04 Lec-01 Source Classification
  • Mod-04 Lec-02 Self Excitation Vibration
  • Mod-04 Lec-03 Flow Induction Vibration
  • Mod-04 Lec-04 Field Balancing of Rigid / Flexible Rotors
  • Mod-04 Lec-05 Damping: Models and Measures -- I
  • Mod-04 Lec-06 Damping: Models and Measures -- II
  • Mod-04 Lec-07 Numerical Problems
  • Mod-05 Lec-01 Design Sensitivity -- I
  • Mod-05 Lec-02 Design Specification
  • Mod-05 Lec-03 Design for Enhanced Material Damping
  • Mod-06 Lec-01 Basics of Passive Vibration Control
  • Mod-06 Lec-02 Design of Absorber
  • Mod-06 Lec-03 Shock Absorber
  • Mod-06 Lec-04 Isolators with Stiffness and Damping
  • Mod-07 Lec-01 Basics of Active Vibration Control
  • Mod-07 Lec-02 Piezoelectric Material -- I
  • Mod-07 Lec-03 Piezoelectric Material -- II: Applications
  • Mod-07 Lec-04 Piezoelectric Accelerometers
  • Mod-07 Lec-05 Electro-rheological (ER) Fluids
  • Mod-07 Lec-06 Magneto-rheological (MR) Fluids
  • Mod-07 Lec-07 Magneto and Electrostrictive Materials
  • Mod-07 Lec-08 Shape Memory Alloy
  • Mod-07 Lec-09 Electro-Magnetics
  • Mod-07 Lec-10 Numerical Problems.
  • Mod-08 Lec-01 Basics of Vibration Measurement System
  • Mod-08 Lec-02 Data Acquisition
  • Mod-08 Lec-03 Fourier Transformation
  • Mod-08 Lec-04 Filters

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