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Smart systems incorporate functions of sensing, actuation, and control in order to describe and analyze a situation, and make decisions based on the available data in a predictive or adaptive manner, thereby performing smart actions. In most cases the “smartness” of the system can be attributed to autonomous operation based on closed loop control, energy efficiency, and networking capabilities.

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Course Syllabus
  • Mod-01 Lec-01 Glimpses of Microsystems: Scaling Effects
  • Mod-01 Lec-02 Smart Materials and Systems
  • Mod-01 Lec-03 Microsensors
  • Mod-01 Lec-04 Microactuators
  • Mod-01 Lec-05 Microsystems: some Examples
  • Mod-01 Lec-06 Smart systems Application and Structural Health Monitoring
  • Mod-02 Lec-07 Microfabrication Technologies
  • Mod-02 Lec-08 Thin-film Materials and their Deposition
  • Mod-02 Lec-09 Approaches for Pattern Transfer
  • Mod-02 Lec-10 Surface Micromachining of Microstructures
  • Mod-02 Lec-11 Bulk Micromachining of Microsystems
  • Mod-02 Lec-12 Extended Approaches for Working Microsystems
  • Mod-02 Lec-13 Non-conventional Approaches for Microsystems
  • Mod-02 Lec-14 Packaging of Microsystems
  • Mod-03 Lec-15 Deformation Strains and Stresses
  • Mod-03 Lec-16 Microdevice Suspensions: Lumped Modeling
  • Mod-03 Lec-17 Residual Stress and Stress Gradients
  • Mod-03 Lec-18 Torsion and Twist
  • Mod-03 Lec-19 Vibrations of Microsystems Devices: Part -1
  • Mod-03 Lec-20 Vibrations of Microsystems Devices: Part -2 Micromachined Gyroscopes: Part -1
  • Mod-03 Lec-21 Micromachined Gyroscopes: Part -2 Modelling of Coupled Electrostatic
  • Mod-03 Lec-22 Modelling of Coupled Electrostatic Microsystems: Part -2
  • Mod-03 Lec-23 Coupled Electrothermal-elastic Modelling
  • Mod-03 Lec-24 Modelling of Microsystems: Scaling Effects
  • Mod-04 Lec-25 Finite Element Method and Microsystems
  • Mod-04 Lec-26 Theoretical Basis for the Finite Element Method
  • Mod-04 Lec-27 Energy Theorems and Weak Form of the Governing Equation
  • Mod-04 Lec-28 Finite Element Equation Development and Shape Functions
  • Mod-04 Lec-29 Isoparametric FE Formulation and some Examples
  • Mod-04 Lec-30 Finite Element for Structures with Piezoelectric Material
  • Mod-05 Lec-31 Semiconductor Device Physics
  • Mod-05 Lec-32 BJT and MOSFET Characteristics and Op-Amps
  • Mod-05 Lec-33 Op-Amp Circuits and Signal conditioning for Microsystems Devices
  • Mod-05 Lec-34 Control and Microsystems
  • Mod-05 Lec-35 Vibration Control of a Beam
  • Mod-05 Lec-36 Signal Conditioning Circuits and Integration of Microsystems and Microelectronics
  • Mod-05 Lec-37 Pressure Sensor Design Concepts, Processing, and Packaging: Part -1
  • Mod-05 Lec-38 Pressure Sensor Design Concepts, Processing, and Packaging: Part -2
  • Mod-05 Lec-39 Pressure Sensor Design Concepts, Processing, and Packaging: Part -3
  • Mod-05 Lec-40 Capacitive Micro-accelerometer: Part -2

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