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Imagine a world where the most complex apps, web pages can be made using the most simplest coding tools and also the simplest coding language – this is what the latest version of JavaScript aims to fulfill. The most popular programming language for web development, JavaScript, was finally upgraded to a new version ES6, also known as ES2015. The new language is believed to become the de facto language for all internet applications sometime in the future. The most awaited latest version brings with it numerous changes including new syntax, new modules, loops, expressions, iterators, arrow functions, classes and so much more. It also simplifies the process of writing more complex applications, as well as new python-styled generators and generator expressions. The new version aims to simplify the process of writing more complex applications and web sites, allowing more futuristic technologies to be incorporated into browsers, web pages and even apps. To learn this fancy new version, all you need is this comprehensive course. Our ‘Learn To Build Apps with ECMAScript ES2015’ course has been designed in collaboration with industry experts to break down all of the new features of ES2015 to help you start coding with the latest features of E6 by the end of this course. This video tutorial will break down all new features and the latest syntax of ES2015 and will make you JavaScript master. It will cover concepts such as JavaScript fundamentals, objects and classes, object-oriented programming, loops, functions, arrays, variables, iterators, modules, generators, etc. The course will also touch base on other JavaScript related technologies such as Node.JS, Data Flow, Babel/Traceur, and more. Following a general understanding of the latest version, you will then progress on to learning the many features of JavaScript E6 in detail, after which you will put all of it into practice by creating a functional project using all of the features you’ve just studied.

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