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Projects in Hadoop big data course covers all the big data technology within Hadoop ecosystem which helps to build apps with ease

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Course Syllabus
  • Introduction
  • Build and Run the Basic Code
  • Dependencies and packages
  • Introduction to the Project
  • Understanding the Code
  • Installing the Solution
  • Introduction to Hadoop Analytics
  • Introduction to NoSQL Database
  • Solution Architecture
  • Code Structure
  • Creating Kafka Streams
  • Introduction to Kafka Yarn and Zookeeper
  • Yarn Job with Samza
  • Hortonbox Virtual Machine
  • Real Time Streaming
  • Running in Cluster Mode
  • Submitting the Storm Jar
  • Hive Usage
  • Introduction to HDDAccess
  • Introduction to the Project
  • Sqoop, Hive and Solr
  • Apache Flume and HCatalog
  • Embedded Pig Scripts
  • Install and Configure Apache Flume
  • Visualisation of the Data
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Project Review
  • Setting Up the Machine
  • Source Code Review
  • Bringing it all together
  • Project Setup
  • Setting Up Java Dependencies
  • Spark Analytics with PySpark
  • Analytics and Visualizations
  • Demonstration
  • Ecommerce and Big Data
  • Installing Datameer
  • Configuration
  • Dedicated Task Cluster on EMR
  • Introduction to the Project
  • Setting Up Cluster on EMR
  • summary

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