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The definition of a sound wave is a pressure caused by the vibration of something in a medium that transfers energy, like air.

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Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to Sound (GA_JS01B)
  • Sound is Produced by Vibrations (GA_JS02A)
  • Some More Examples of Vibrating Sources of Sound (GA_JS03A)
  • Sound Produced by Humans (GA_JS04A)
  • Why Male, Female and Children Sounds are Different (GA_JS05A)
  • Sound Propagation Requires a Medium (GA_JS06A)
  • Sound can not Propagate Through Vacuum (GA_JS07A)
  • Sound can Travel Through Solids Also (GA_JS08A)
  • Human Ear and Its Structure (GA_JS09A)
  • Working of Human Ear (GA_JS10A)

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