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Ray transfer matrix analysis (also known as ABCD matrix analysis) is a type of ray tracing technique used in the design of some optical systems, particularly lasers. It involves the construction of a ray transfer matrix which describes the optical system; tracing of a light path through the system can then be performed by multiplying this matrix with a vector representing the light ray. The same analysis is also used in accelerator physics to track particles through the magnet installations of a particle accelerator, see Beam optics.

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Course Syllabus
  • A Mirror and Its Working (JBM01B)
  • Distance of Image Produced by a Mirror (JBM02A)
  • Lateral Inversion by a Plane Mirror (JBM03A)
  • Plane & Spherical Mirrors (JBM04A)
  • Concave Mirror (JBM05A)
  • Convex Mirror (JBM06A)
  • Formation of Real Image by a Concave Mirror (JBM07A)
  • Formation of Virtual Image by a Concave Mirror (JBM08A)
  • Formation of Virtual Image by a Convex Mirror (JBM09A)
  • Focussing a Light Beam by a Concave Mirror (JBM10A)
  • Diverging a Light Beam by a Convex Mirror (JBM11A)
  • Uses of Concave Mirrors (JBM12A)
  • Uses of Convex Mirrors (JBM13A)

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