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The optics - Computer Definition. The branch of physics dealing with the nature and properties of electromagnetic energy in the light spectrum and the phenomena of vision. In the broadest sense, optics deals with infrared light, visible light, and ultraviolet light.

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Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to Light and Optics (JLI01B)
  • Light Ray & Light Beam (JLI02A)
  • Light Travels in a Straight Line (JLI03A)
  • Sources of Light (JLI04A)
  • Luminous and Non-Luminious Sources of Light (JLI05A)
  • Natural and Man Made Sources of Light (JLI06A)
  • Hot and Cold Sources of Light (JLI07A)
  • Incandescent Sources of Light (JLI08A)
  • Reflection of Light (JLI09A)
  • Definition of Object in Ray Optics (JLI10A)
  • Definition of Image in Ray Optics (JLI11A)
  • Real and Virtual Images (JLI12A)

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