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Heat is energy. Heat is defined as the sum total of the kinetic energies of all the constituent molecules of a body. It is also referred to as the internal energy of a body. Heat, like other forms of energy, travels in waves.

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Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to Temperature and Thermometers (JH01B)
  • Types of Thermometers (JH02A)
  • Heat (JH03A)
  • Transfer of Heat (JH04A)
  • Conduction of Heat (JH05A)
  • An Activity to Understand Conduction of Heat (JH06A)
  • An Activity to Understand Conduction in Different Materials (JH07A)
  • Convection of Heat (JH08A)
  • Sea Breeze and Land Breeze (JH09A)
  • Radiation of Heat (JH10A)
  • Black Body (JH11A)
  • An Activity to Understand Absorption of Radiation (JH12A)
  • Green House Effect (JH13A)
  • Difference Between Three Modes of Heat Transfer (JH14A)

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