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Friction is the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another.

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Course Syllabus
  • Frictional Force (JFR01B)
  • Cause of Friction - Interlocking of Irregularities (JFR02A)
  • Rough and Smooth Surfaces (JFR03A)
  • Friction in Different Materials (JFR04A)
  • Measurement of Friction on a Body (JFR05A)
  • Factors Affecting Frictional Force (JFR06A)
  • Friction Force Does not Depend on Area of Contact (JFR07A)
  • Friction is Self Adjusting - Limiting Friction (JFR08)
  • Types of Friction (JFR09A)
  • Static Friction (JFR10A)
  • Sliding or Kinetic Friction (JFR11A)
  • Rolling Friction (JFR12A)
  • Friction is Important in our Life (JFR13)
  • Disadvantages of Friction (JFR14A)
  • Increasing Friction in Day to Day Life (JFR15A)
  • Decreasing Friction in Day to Day Life (JFR16A)
  • Force of Friction Due to Fluids (JFR17A)
  • Reducing Fluid Friction (JFR18A)

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