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strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement is known as Force.

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Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to Force (JF01B)
  • Force is an Effort (JF02A)
  • force can Change the State of Motion of a Body (JF03A)
  • A Force can Speedup or Slow Down a Body (JF03XA)
  • A Force can Change The Shape of Body (JF03YA)
  • More Examples of Force Application (JF04A)
  • Definition of a Force (JF04XA)
  • Force Acts by Interaction (JF04YA)
  • Collective Effort is Stronger than Individual (JF05A)
  • Net Force on a Body When Forces are in Opposite Direction (JF06A)
  • Balanced Forces (JF06XA)
  • Contact and Non Contact Forces (JF07A)
  • Muscular Force (JF08A)
  • Friction Force (JF09A)
  • Magnetic Force (JF10A)
  • Electrostatic Force (JF11A)
  • Gravitational Force (JF12A)
  • Gravity (JF13A)
  • Unit of Force (JF14A)
  • Weight of a Body (JF15A)

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