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The Graduate Administration Confirmation Test (GMAT (/ˈdʒiːmæt/(jee-mat))) is a PC versatile test (Feline) planned to evaluate certain scientific, composition, quantitative, verbal, and perusing aptitudes in composed English for utilization in admission to a graduate administration project, for example, a MBA. The GMAT does not quantify business information or expertise, nor does it measure intelligence. As indicated by the test owning organization, the Graduate Administration Affirmation Gathering (GMAC), the GMAT surveys systematic written work and critical thinking capacities, while additionally tending to information adequacy, rationale, and discriminating thinking abilities that it accepts to be key to certifiable business and administration succe

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Course Syllabus
  • GMAT Double Matrix Question - Travelers Club
  • GMAT Double Matrix Question - Group of Students
  • GMAT Double Matrix Question - Left-Right-Handed
  • GMAT Double Matrix Question - AC and Racing Stripes
  • GMAT Prep - Math Lesson - Age Word Problems
  • GMAT Prep - Math Practice Question - Double Matrix - Gigacorp Managers
  • GMAT Prep - Math Practice Question - Double Matrix - Hotel Rooms
  • GMAT Prep - Math Practice Question - Ages of Ebo and Atu
  • GMAT Prep - Math Lesson - Intro to Word Problems
  • GMAT Math Tip - Double Matrix Method

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