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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an all India regular building placement test which is directed for confirmation in different designing universities and courses everywhere throughout the nation.

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Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to Fluids (GA_FLS1B)
  • Pressure in a Fluid (GA_FLS2A)
  • Floatation of a Body due to Fluid Pressure (GA_FLS3A)
  • Fluid Pressure due to Gravity (GA_FLS4A)
  • Average Pressure on Side Walls of a Vessel (GA_FLS5A)
  • Force on Side Walls of a Random Shaped Vessel (GA_FLS5X)
  • Archimede's Principle (GA_FLS6A)
  • Solved Example-1 on Fluid Statics (GA_FLS7X1)
  • Solved Example-2 on Fluid Statics (GA_FLS7X2)
  • Solved Example-3 on Fluid Statics (GA_FLS7X3)
  • Solved Example-4 on Fluid Statics (GA_FLS7X4)
  • Solved Example-5 on Fluid Statics (GA_FLS7X5)
  • Pascal's Principle of Pressure Distribution (GA_FLS8A)
  • Pressure at Different Levels in a Liquid (GA_FLS9A)
  • Mechanism of a Hydraulic Lift (GA_FLS10A)
  • Concept of Open tube Manometer (GA_FLS10XA)
  • Pressure Distribution in an Accelerated Frame (GA_FLS11A)
  • Pressure Distribution in a Closed Accelerated Container (GA_FLS12A)
  • Pressure Distribution in a Rotating tube Filled with a Liquid (GA_FLS13A)
  • Solved Example-6 on Fluid Statics (GA_FLS13X1)
  • Solved Example-7 on Fluid Statics (GA_FLS13X2)
  • Solved Example-8 on Fluid Statics (GA_FLS13X3)
  • Solved Example-9 on Fluid Statics (GA_FLS13X4)

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