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The engineering design process is a methodical series of steps that engineers use in creating functional products and processes. The process is highly iterative - parts of the process often need to be repeated many times before production phase can be entered - though the part(s) that get iterated and the number of such cycles in any given project can be highly variable.

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Course Syllabus
  • Mod-01 Lec-01 Introduction to system Design
  • Mod-01 Lec-02 Engineering systems Classification & examples
  • Mod-01 Lec-3 Modern System design processes
  • Mod-01 Lec-4 Six functions of design process
  • Mod-01 Lec-05 Tools for enabling creative development
  • Mod-01 Lec-6 Team Development : Group Exercises
  • Mod-01 Lec-07 System Requirement Analysis
  • Mod-01 Lec-8 Originating Requirements: Example System Engineering software -CORE
  • Mod-01 Lec-09 Functional Architecture Development
  • Mod-01 Lec-10 Functional Decomposition
  • Mod-01 Lec-11 Functional Decomposition : Examples
  • Mod-01 Lec-12 Physical Architecture Development
  • Mod-01 Lec-13 Implementing Fault Tolerance in Physical Architecture
  • Mod-01 Lec-14 Operational Architecture Development Part I
  • Mod-01 Lec-15 Operational Architecture Development Part II
  • Mod-01 Lec-16 Interface architecture Development
  • Mod-01 Lec-17 Interface standards and Design process
  • Mod-01 Lec-18 Integration and qualification
  • Mod-01 Lec-19 Qualification planning and methods
  • Mod-01 Lec-20 System Design Example: Autolink system
  • Mod-01 Lec-21 System Design Examples
  • Mod-01 Lec-22 System Design Examples (Contd.)
  • Mod-01 Lec-23 Graphical Modelling Techniques
  • Mod-01 Lec-24 Process Modelling
  • Mod-01 Lec-25 Behavior modeling
  • Mod-01 Lec-26 Graphical Modelling Techniques (Contd.)
  • Mod-01 Lec-27 System modeling and simulation
  • Mod-01 Lec-28 Bondgraph modeling of Dyanamic systems
  • Mod-01 Lec-29 Decision making in System Design
  • Mod-01 Lec-30 Decision making in System Design( continued)

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