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Correspondence (from Latin commūnicāre, signifying "to share is the deliberate action of data trade between two or more members so as to pass on or get the proposed implications through a common arrangement of signs and semiotic guideline

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Course Syllabus
  • Danger Phrase:
  • Danger Phrase:
  • Danger Phrase for Work:
  • Danger Phrase:
  • Danger Phrase: That Doesn't Make Sense | Communication Skills Training Video
  • Danger Phrase:
  • Communication Skills: Say This--NOT THAT!! Power Phrase:
  • Magic Power Phrase Lead-in Line for Persuasion, Sales and More | Communication Skills Training
  • Public Speaking Skills--Public Speaking Anxiety? Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking
  • Effective Communication Skills Training Video: Deliver Bad News to a Customer: (3)
  • 3 Magic Phrases for Delivering Bad News Professional Communication Skills Training (2)
  • Effective Communication Skills Training: Danger Phrases: Really + Power Phrases for Work
  • 1 Magic Phrase to Politely Interrupt When Someone Won't Shut Up? Communication Skills Training
  • Power Phrase: The #1 Job Interview Question YOU MUST ask | Communication Training
  • Interpersonal Skills: Magic Phrases for Talking to Women and Girls--(Great for a first date)
  • 3 Magic Phrases - Instantly Increase Your Communication Skills Confidence - Communication Training
  • Power Phrases and Danger Phrases with Expert Communication Trainer and Keynote Speaker
  • Danger Phrase:
  • 4 Magic Phrases You Can Use to Respond to ANYTHING
  • How to develop a Danger Phrase & Power Phrase List
  • DANGER DANGER!!! Ditch the Qualifiers: Professional Communication Skills Training Video
  • Danger Phrase: Do you want . . . or Do you need . . .
  • Body Language Secrets | The Neck Scratch | What to DO

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