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An algorithm is a well-defined procedure that allows a computer to solve a problem. Another way to describe an algorithm is a sequence of unambiguous instructions.

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Course Syllabus
  • Mod-01 Lec-01 Graph_Basics
  • Mod-01 Lec-02 Breadth_First_Search
  • Mod-01 Lec-03 Dijkstra_Algo
  • Mod-01 Lec-04 All Pair Shortest Path
  • Mod-01 Lec-05 Matriods
  • Mod-01 Lec-06 Minimum Spanning Tree
  • Mod-01 Lec-07 Edmond\\\'s Matching Algo I
  • Mod-01 Lec-08 Edmond\'s Matching Algo II
  • Mod-01 Lec-09 Flow Networks
  • Mod-01 Lec-10 Ford Fulkerson Method
  • Mod-01 Lec-11 Edmond Karp Algo
  • Mod-01 Lec-12 Matrix Inversion
  • Mod-01 Lec-13 Matrix Decomposition
  • Mod-01 Lec-14 Knuth Morris Pratt Algo
  • Mod-01 Lec-15 Rabin Karp Algo
  • Mod-01 Lec-16 NFA Simulation
  • mod-01 Lec-17 Integer-Polynomial Ops I
  • Mod-01 Lec-18 Integer-Polynomial Ops II
  • Mod-01 Lec-19 Integer-Polynomial OpsIII
  • Mod-01 Lec-20 Chinese Remainder I
  • Mod-01 Lec-21 Chinese Remainder II
  • Mod-01 Lec-22 Chinese Remainder III
  • Mod-01 Lec-23 Discrete Fourier Transform I
  • Mod-01 Lec-24 Discrete Fourier Transform II
  • Mod-01 Lec-25 Discrete Fourier Transform III
  • Mod-01 Lec-26 Schonhage Strassen Algo
  • Mod-01 Lec-27 Linear Programming I
  • Mod-01 Lec-28 Linear Programming II
  • Mod-01 Lec-29 Geometry I
  • Mod-01 Lec-30 Geometry II
  • Mod-01 Lec-31 Geometry III
  • Mod-01 Lec-32 Approximation Algo I
  • Mod-01 Lec-33 Approximation Algo II
  • Mod-01 Lec-34 Approximation Algo III
  • Mod-01 Lec-35 General: Dynamic Programming

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