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Air pollution is the introduction of particulates, biological molecules, or other harmful materials into Earth's atmosphere, causing disease, death to humans, damage to other living organisms such as food crops, or the natural or built environment.

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Course Syllabus
  • Environmental Air Pollution - Introduction to Atmosphere
  • Lecture 2 Air Pollution Systems
  • Lecture_3 Air Quality Standards
  • Lecture_4 Types and Forms of Air Pollutants
  • Lecture 5 Measurement Units and Particulate classification
  • Lecture_6 Interpretation and Particle Size Distributions
  • Lecture_7 Atmospheric Formation of Air Pollutants-1
  • Lecture_8 Atmospheric Formation of Air Pollutants-2
  • Lecture_9 Atmospheric Formation of Air Pollutants-3
  • Lecture_10 Kinetics of Air Pollution and Combustion Processe
  • Lecture_11 Internal Combustion Engine and Air Pollution-1
  • Lecture_12 Internal Combustion Engine and Air Pollution-2
  • Lecture_13 Air Pollution and Health-1
  • Lecture_14 Air Pollution and Health-2
  • Lecture 15 Emission Inventory
  • Lecture 16 - Sources of air pollution
  • Lecture17 Emission from Fugitive Sources & Sulfuric acid production
  • Lecture 18 - Aluminium Production and Air Pollution I
  • Lecture 19 Aluminium Production & Air Pollution II
  • Lecture 20 Coke Production & Air Pollution
  • Lecture_21 Examples for Practice
  • Lec 22 Meteorological measurements and their interpretation
  • lecture 23 - Examples for Practice-Dispersion Modeling
  • Lecture 24 - Vertical Temperature Profile of Atmosphere
  • Lecture 25 Stability Mixing Height and Plume Behavior I
  • Lecture 26 Stability Mixing Height and Plume Behavior II
  • Lecture 27 Solar Radiation based Stability Calculation
  • Lecture 28 Air Quality Modeling I
  • Lecture 29 - Air Quality Modeling II
  • Lecture 30 - Derivation of Guassian Model
  • Lecture 31 - Gaussian Model - Useful Formulation
  • Lecture 32 Plume Rise , Area and Line source model
  • Lecture_33 Air Quality Modeling-Maximum Ground Level Concent
  • Lecture_34 Examples for Air Quality Modeling
  • Lecture_35 Air Pollution Control Devices-1
  • Lecture_36 Air Pollution Control Devices-2
  • Lecture_37 Source Emission Monitoring
  • Lecture_38 Receptor Source Modeling
  • Lecture_39 Environmental Laws

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