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Steel design, or more specifically, structural steel design, is an area of knowledge of structural engineering used to design steel structures. The structures can range from schools to homes to bridges. In structural engineering, a structure is a body or combination of pieces of rigid bodies in space to form a fitness system for supporting loads. Structures such as buildings, bridges, aircraft and ships are all examples under steel structure.

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Course Syllabus
  • Mod-1 Lec-1 Introduction to Design of Steel Structures
  • Mod-2 Lec-1 Connections
  • Mod-2 Lec-2 Riveted Connections
  • Mod-2 Lec-3 Design of Rivet Joint
  • Mod-2 Lec-4 Welding
  • Mod-2 Lec-5 Design of Fillet and Butt Welds
  • Mod-2 Lec-6 Bolted Connection
  • Mod-3 Lec-1 Eccentric Connections: Rivet Joints
  • Mod-3 Lec-2 Design of Eccentric Connection With Load Lying in Plane of Joint(Rivet&Bolt)
  • Mod-3 Lec-3 Eccentric Connection With Load Perpendicular to Plane of Riveted Joint
  • Mod-3 Lec-4 Analysis and Design of Join with Seat Connection
  • Mod-3 Lec-5 Eccentric Connection
  • Mod-3 Lec-6 Load Lying Perpendicular to the Plane of Weld Joint: Fillet and Butt Weld
  • Mod-4 Lec-1 Tension Member
  • Mod-4 Lec-2 Design of Tension Member
  • Mod-4 Lec-3 Design of Tension Member: Gusset Plates. Lug Angles and Tension Splices
  • Mod-4 Lec-4 Design of Tension Member: Subjected to Axial and Bending
  • Mod-5 Lec-1 Compression Member
  • Mod-5 Lec-2 Design of Compression Member
  • Mod-5 Lec-3 Design of Eccentrically Loaded Tension Member
  • Mod-5 Lec-4 Built up Compression Member
  • Mod-5 Lec-5 Design of Built up Compression Member
  • Mod-5 Lec-6 Lacing for Built Up Compression Member
  • Mod-5 Lec-7 Design of Lacing System
  • Mod-5 Lec-8 Design of Batten PLates
  • Mod-6 Lec-1 Introduction to Flexural Members: Beams
  • Mod-6 Lec-2 Design Procedure of Beam Members
  • Mod-6 Lec-3 Design of Laterally Supported Beams
  • Mod-6 Lec-4 Design of Laterally Unsupported Beams
  • Mod-6 Lec-5 Built-Up Beams
  • Mod-6 Lec-6 Built-Up Beams: Curtailment of the Flange Plates and Shear Connections
  • Mod-6 Lec-7 Design of a Built-Up Beams
  • Mod-6 Lec-8 Design of Shear Connections and Purlins
  • Mod-7 Lec-1 Gantry Girders
  • Mod-7 Lec-2 Design of Gantry Girders
  • Mod-7 Lec-3 Introduction to Plate Girders-Part 1
  • Mod-7 Lec-4 Introduction to Plate Girders-Part 2
  • Mod-7 Lec-5 Design of a Plate Girder
  • Mod-8 Lec-1 Column Base Part-1
  • Mod-8 Lec-2 Column Base Part-2

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